Unboxing: Megan Hess‘ „New York through a Fashion Eye“ book


I acquired quite the love for coffee table books. Stunning photography, mind blowing quotes and calming aesthetic can bring together the whole living room. Add a candle and some fresh flowers and you have yourself a very Pinterest-y coffee table. I first discovered Megan Hess on Instagram I fell in love with her simple but straight to the point illustrations usually revolving around fashion, lifestyle, shopping and traveling.   Then I found out she released limited edition books focusing on a certain topic. Either available individually or in a set with a printed illustration.  What i did however not expect were the loving foreword, an-in depth look into Megan’s lifestyle and heartwarming stories about her favorite places in NYC. The book comes with a handwritten signature and even with a dedication mentioning your name if requested. It was shipped a few days later and arrived about a week and a half later all the way from Australia. The book is a robust hardcover with a gold metallic lining around the paper edges which is visible when closed and the print that comes with the book in the set is also very robust and UV proof. It’s printed on cardboard like canvas so it can stand on its on when placed against a wall- so no need to place it into a frame.

So here is an indepth unboxing. It came beautifully wrapped in Megan’s costume wrapping paper and a white bow! This book talks about all the important New York stores, places, sights and spas to visit if you’re a fashion lover, personally recommended by Megan herself.

Available for 59 AUSD $ on MeganHess.com alongside other books, prints, gifts and more.

This is not sponsored. I felt like sharing this with you all because I love the illustrations and wanted to expose Megan’s work to the world even though her clientele already includes designers like Tiffany’s & co, Dior, Cartier and magazines like Vogue, not everyone may have heard about her yet.


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