Travel Diary: Berlin Vlog 


Even though I tend to stay home during summer, I for once took the chance of celebrating my 19th birthday in Berlin. Here are photos and accompanying vlogs where you can follow along my week! I also hope my restaurant and sightseeing tips are helpful for whoever else is staying in Berlin this or any other summer!

Day 1: We arrived on Sunday June 5th, 2016 at the hotel (Crowne Plaza) at around 4 pm after being stuck in traffic for an hour. After freshening up we headed out to grab dinner and drinks afterwards. Everything is closed on Sundays in Germany so we had nothing else to do than to just walk around. We ended up at one of my favorite steak restaurants called „Maredo“ located just off main street (Ku’damm) across the Europe center mall, where we had steak, fries, salad and delicious desert. Then we tried to grab a Starbucks but that was closed so we went back to the Italian restaurant called „Ristorante Trattoria“ which is in the same street as the steak restaurant.  There we ended the night with drinks, I had a latte and my mom had a beer.











DAY 2: June 6th ! I turned 19 and celebrated my birthday with my mom. After an amazing breakfast at the hotel (which is totally worth the money) we headed out to a store called „Maske Berlin“. It’s actually a hair salon that sells makeup and hair care tools and products which makes it a hot spot for makeup junkies and artist in the entertainment industry. A plus is that they sell products pro brands like Makeup Forever, Ben Nye and Moroccan Oil that are not popular or easily sold in regular beauty shops in Germany. They also offer pro discounts to Makeup Artist, Hair stylists and Studios.

After a successful shopping day we ate dinner and desert at „Capone“ right on main street (inside the Hollywood Media Hotel). I had pasta with chicken & cream sauce and an ice coffee with vanilla ice cream afterwards. Before heading back to the hotel room we stopped at the hotel bar and got a cocktail to end the night in style.

DAY 3/4/5: The last vlog combines the last 3 days of which only 2 are actually full days. After a successful birthday the day before we decided to take it slow and just walk around the city, take photos and enjoy the days with some nice food.

We went to a department store called „KaDeWe“ which is one of the biggest luxury stores in Europe.  After that we grabbed a starbucks and had dinner afterwards. We had pizza at the same restaurant we went to on Sunday. The full address is in the vlog, if you’d like to go there yourself one day.

The following day was even more chill. We went to Starbucks (again!) for our daily caffeine intake and then looked at Michael Kors handbags, went to a department store called „Karstadt“to look at Yankee Candles which are one of my favorite scented candle companies.  For dinner we (again!) went to Ristorante Ferri’s and this time had pasta.

I feel like all we did was shop and eat but that’s basically the only thing I do anyway. I hope you enjoyed the vlogs, the haul and lookbook. That’s a wrap on my Berlin series. Stay tuned for more makeup videos coming soon!

To finish off this post here are some more photos of the last 2 days!








Comment down below and tell me what you like about Berlin so far!


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