72 hours in Berlin


Today I wanted to do a more personal blogpost. Something you can read with a cup of coffee in your hand on a Wednesday morning. I was in Berlin over the weekend with a friend and thought why not share everything we were up to and saw with you guys. This will be the perfect chill travel diary for you when you’re in Berlin for 72 hours and don’t really care about doing a crazy scheduled Programm. This is not the kind of guide your parents would follow during their Europe vacation.

Friday, October 28:

After we arrived we checked into the hotel. We stayed at the „Comet Hotel“ right on Main Street „Kurfürstendamm“ and while it was right in the heart of Berlin and had a bus stop in walking distance it was still really affordable and simple. Our first stop was of course Starbucks, we had to get a PSL and some cake, where we sat coat-clad outside in the chilly weather looking onto the ongoing traffic of Main Street. Before we would embark on the first part of our shopping trip we took a taxi to „Maske Berlin“ which is a Hair salon that sells pro makeup brands like Makeup Forever. As a makeup artist this is a must go to spot whenever I am in Berlin to stock up on essentials or check out new releases. This was also the only place we had to take a taxi too since it’s a little more hidden in a small neighborhood but with a taxi fee of 7€ each way it wasn’t too bad.

The rest of the day we took the bus up and down main street since we had a bus day ticket pass. I love going window shopping but what I love even more is actually trying on clothes with a friend. After we were done hitting up Zara, Mango, H&M and more we got hungry so decided to go for dinner. If you read my previous Berlin travel diary back from June you will recognize the name of the restaurants we went to Friday & Saturday.

On Friday night we decided to go to „Maredo“ which is a steak restaurants. Getting exactly that and a glass of wine (or water for me) plus an amazing lava cake for desert ended the name out in town. Got back to the hotel around 9 pm and all we really did then was use the hotel wifi to scroll the Instagram or watch YouTube. It was a successful day. Little did we know the next day was going to be more even exciting

Saturday, October 29:

Today we decided to do a sightseeing tour with a bus company called „hop on hop off“. They have tours available in all major cities around the world so this is a great sightseeing tour to book no mater where you are. Before taking the tour we stopped at Starbucks, again, to get breakfast. The bus tour has about 12 stops where you can literally hop on and hop off, hence the name, and just catch the next bus in 10 min to resume the tour. 

We didn’t stop at every sight since it’s enough to drive past some building and just take a couple of pictures through the bus window. But here are some of the main sights I recommend stopping:

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Berlin dome
  • Victory statue
  • Tauenzienstrasse (which is the stop we started and ended the tour but this is also a regular stop in front of the world famous department store of the west: KaDeWe)

We finished the tour at around 2:30 pm which was a great time to head back the Main Street for some ice cream and more shopping afterwards. Before heading to dinner and also bar to get drinks we stopped at the hotel to freshen up and recharge our phones.

Then we went to „Capone“ inside the Hollywood media hotel. I had, as always, the pasta Chicago which is pasta with a cream cheese sauce and chicken filet strips. After we were full and done with eating we went on a little excursion to find a nice place to a have a cocktail. The original plan was to go to a bar called „QBA“ (=Cuba bar… get it ?) but that was apparently closed down so after some googling we found ourselves at the Palm Beach bar. It had a really nice atmosphere and also amazing drinks. They didn’t taste too alcohol heavy which for me is a plus since I can’t really bare the taste of anything stronger than apple cider.

At around 11 pm we headed back to the hotel to catch some much needed Zzz !

Sunday, October 30:

After packing all our stuff & shopped purchases we headed to „Restaurant Bleibtreu“ for an hour of brunch which meant stuffing our face with whatever we felt like. It was totally random but a great place to go before heading home since we could fill up our stomaches with food: everything from scrambled eggs, bread rolls, soup, Indian rice, fruit and teramisu was served at the buffet. The price point of 11€ for an all you can eat buffet wasn’t bad either. Orange and apple juice included!

Before heading home, my friend to the airport, me to the train station, we walked down Main Street one last time to have a look around. Stores are closed on Sunday so there wasn’t much else to do.

That’s it- that’s a wrap on our 72 hours in Berlin. I hope it was helpful especially if you’re a 20- something coming here with a friend for a short trip. It wasn’t to crazy but that’s what I like: relaxed shopping trips and good food.

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