Revival of the UGG boot


Mentioning ugg boots used to be social suicided. They represented everything the 2000s stood for. An ugg clad Paris Hilton wearing a jeans mini skirt and a Louis Vuitton bag with her chihuahua inside. Though every imaginable (& unimaginable) trend from almost two decades ago somehow made its way back into today’s world. That is until Alexa Chung directed the new UGG boots promo shoot for its latest collection release. She even went as far as mentioning UGGs in vogue so know the thing happened everyone was secretly waiting for. The incredible comfortable and warm boots, everyone’s secret guilty pleasure, are back on trend.

To give the old school look a more modern edgy vibe but to also keep the whole comfortable feel I paired my uggs with some jeans, a loose fitted blouse and a somewhat statement handbag. Needless to say I love me some uggs because I own three pairs so far. So start off 2017 with a now back on trend pair of uggs!

Who said colorful jeans are only for elementary school kids ?! Also, can we talk about how windy it was that day. I think a flashed a few people and defiantly had more than a few Marilyn Monroe moments. Oops. All the in the name of fashion !

What I’m wearing:

Red velvet coated stretch denim jeans – Hollister 

Black bohemian blouse – Mango

Cross Body bag – Marc Jacobs 


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