Skincare Routine: Get un-ready with me


I always struggled with acne & oiliness but also with spontaneous dryness and flaking skin. Finding the perfect skincare products and regime for you is not easy. I’m always testing out new products but still have to wait and see if it even works.

Weeks and weeks have been spent in the black hole known as Internet to find new ideas that may help cure my acne, combat my oils and heal scars & inflammation. I’m still a long way off but I’m getting closer and closer to clean, healthy and dewy skin.

Watch my full 10 step skincare routine to know what products I use:

More products I recommend:
– Glam Glam masks and cleansers in general (watch my full demo & review video here)

– Bioderma foaming gel cleanser

– Different raw oils like avocado, coconut and argan virgin oil

– KIEHL’S Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream (for mature, big pored or extremely oily skin)

– anything with sea salt, algae or basically products based on plants

What are your go to products ? What should I try that you swear by ?


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