PH-Balancing Toners and other mysteries 


Skincare products are no joke. Following a strict skincare regimen means serious business. Only those brave enough to actually commit to a life time of endearing research, endless trial and error runs and of course working double shifts to finance the whole ordeal are the true heroes of this world. More than once I wanted to quit. More than twice I did. And more then three times (thrice?) I wanted start all over.
How does one actually create a perfect skincare regimen with? One that is flexible to change over the years as we mature- gracefully of course- and face challenges and life changing events like marriage, babies or winning an Oscar (one can dream right) ? The key is to understand the type of products to use. I don’t mean the exact product. I mean the general type of category. As in, get your chemistry books we are getting technical.

The known:

Thanks to the media, interviews with estheticians and beauty doctors are easy to find. Most of them say the same which basically says nothing. Wash your face, moisturize, drink water, don’t pick at a spot. Ok so you have a good cleanser and moisturizer. Good. You probably also have a few overhyped and selfie worthy masks. Check. But do you have or use any of the following rather unknown categories ? And no a fancy serum with the price tag of a car is not listed.

The unknown:

A few things I’ve learnt already I my short life include that it’s never to early to deal with aging because after 20, life goes downhill. So there are few products that will help you be one of those 50 going on 16 year olds like J Lo in the future. If you use the products correctly!

Eye cream: using one that’s too thick or heavy is not going to make it any better. Rather use a thin one that is liquid-y or even a gel and apply morning, night and mix a tiny bit with concealer to deliver the skin just a hint of moisture. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and the pores are almost invisible. Putting a thick layer of cement like eye cream is only going to do the opposite. The pores won’t be able to breath and renew the skin which will make the already dry skin drier and the small lines more prominent. Having too much cream or layers of any product sitting on the skin for half the day is never good and going to be only doing damage.

SPF: some people say to always wear sunscreen- like 365 days of the year. But I honestly advise against that. Depending on your location of course. SPF aka sun protection factor is like a heat protection against the UV rays of the sun so you should always use it as the very last product. It will make sure non of the face products will have some sort of chemical reaction on your face or that the skin itself burns. I see some people applying it as the first product but that is going to hinder all the other face products to sink in since it’s literally a barrier between your skin and the outside world. Think of it as a superhero shield. Now the question: when do you need a superhero shield ? Only when you’re in danger. Would you wear one to sleep or on the couch binging Netflix ? No. So why do the same with your face. Since it’s applied as the last product anyway you can just put it on as soon as you head out the door. Or if you think you will be sitting in front a window all day. No need to wear it 15 hours inside a dark office. Some sunshine is good for your skin since the skin’s metabolism needs vitamin c and to renew itself. Like a plant. Also make sure to always use an oil free facial sunscreen to keep pores from clogging. So summed up: just have a tube of sunscreen in your purse or by the door so you can quickly apply a thin (!) layer before heading out.

Toners: ok now to the most over complicated product that is the most essential product of any routine. Let me start of by saying you should always use a toner. No matter what age or skin type. You should always use one without alcohol – yes even if you have oily skin! And lastly, always apply it with your clean fingers and not with a cotton round. Confused ? Let me break it down. Toners don’t clean the skin. Cleansers do. Toners are supposed to be ph balancing meaning they get your skin back to its regular ph level. When washing your face with water it gets exposed to ingredients like calc and an alkaline ph which your skin adapts to. To make any product you put on top work and sink in- your skin needs to be its original ph level. That’s what Toners do or so called toning lotion/toning water. Alcohol attacks the skin and also, surprise has a different ph then your skin, so it’s really counterproductive. It only dries out your skin. Only time it’s acceptable is right after you deep cleaned your pores and need to disinfect your face from all the open pimples and the bacteria. Now onto the cotton rounds. The cotton absorbs so much product your toner will be empty twice as fast for no other reason than you literally throwing product away by draining a cotton round in your precious liquid. Also dragging the cotton round over your faces is going to promote wrinkles just like when you rub your face and we don’t want that. So pump a tiny bit in the palm of your clean hands, warm it up by rubbing the palms together and then slowly without much pressure press (ironic) the liquid on to the face to let it sink in. Follow up with your regular routine.

Last tip: freshly washed hands, preferably with an organic perfume free soap are cleaner than and deep cleaned brush so use your finger for applying face products wether that’s skincare, masks or makeup.

I’m currently knees deep in a skin transformation and am visiting with a local esthetician with over 30 years of experience. I gathered so many info over the last years from my own experience, google research and now from my lovely skin lady. I will follow up with more skincare related posts talking about my experiences, my skin story, my current routine and my favorite products. Subscribe to my blog on bloglovin to be notified when those will be posted !


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