Shopping for Designer Makeup 


„As a Makeup Artist my product expectations are pretty high.“

If it’s not pigmented, blendable and long lasting- I’m not buying it. Usually every Pro MUA has a few trusted brand she knows work best and maybe even works with a lot. Then there are the brands every MUA stays away from just because they don’t work for them or their clients. And then there are designer products. Some are gimmicky über-expensive versions of drugstore makeup and some are a gift from god. Finding the holy grail products can be a pain in the butt because designer products can range around 50$ a piece so experimenting may not always be in the budget.

Recently I discovered my love for Lancôme makeup since it has proven itself to be very long lasting. Especially their cream eyeshadow sticks seem to be even waterproof because I couldn’t get the swatches off the back of my hand all day. Then there are the YSL eyeshadows that are surprisingly pigmented for a designer brand and don’t forget the Dior eyebrow products that are just simply the bomb dot com. The key to finding products that are approved by the pros is knowing the textures. Don’t go for the pretty packaged shiny products. Test out those that don’t grab your attention right away. Stay away from anything too glittery and anything that screams „cute“ is a no-no! It’s important to keep in mind that those expensive designer products in from of you are essentially just powders and creams meant to put on your face. I swatch designer products more than any other because I want to see and test the textures and finishes on my skin. If you think the product is worth it- think of ways you would use it. Not to bash designer products but for the price they retail you should analyze them a tad more. That being said i absolutely adore so many designer products that won’t even hold a candle to some „pro“ makeup brands that supposedly care to makeup artists only. Sometimes it’s just marketing and now product quality. Don’t decide based on a name or brand. Choose the products that are worth your money and will work with your skin. Lastly, what I love about high end makeup is the story the designers create along side their collections. Each product contains a story and an origin of though. Treasure that story inside your heart and you will walk taller and prouder when wearing that product. It’s the little things that make designer so luxurious !

But the most expensive and luxurious product I’ve ever gotten my hands on is…. drum roll please: the Christian Louboutin lipstick in matte red !

It comes in a box with a little dust bag and looks like the elegant lipstick version of a dragons egg. Seems to be as rare and expensive as one too.

Now onto my little review. The color is a beautiful cool toned red that somehow doesn’t make me paler though. It’s so matte the lipstick has a slight powder finish but when swatched or worn it maintains a light creamy texture even though it stays matte and lasts all day long. I wore it on Christmas and it stayed on even through eating several meals. I’m so impressed and in love with the makeup products itself but also the extremely stunning packaging and box! It retails for like 80$ which is crazy considering how much colourpop I could buy with that but the louboutin lipstick is absolutely worth it!

What are some designer makeup products you splurged on already or want to try out ? Let me know below !


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