Saving my skin (& soul)


Admitting misjudgment and failure is never easy. Admitting your own skin has been acting up like some tween is even harder.

 I was lucky to be one of those girls with clear glowing skin all throughout middle and high school. But right around graduation time I started getting more and more acne that turned into cystic acne and painfully clogged pores. From then on I tried everything and I mean everything. From over the counter medicine to cheap drugstore alternatives to expensive high end skincare products. Everything either helped for the first week only or straight up sent my skin into the twilight zone lost beyond repair. I visited dermatologists, where I spent more time sitting in stuffy waiting rooms than talking to the doc. But my skin remained stubborn. Honestly, it was difficult handling bad skin when I was in school becoming a makeup artist. When you are a walking facechart you get really insecure about every little spot and acne scar that may be shining through the three layers of full coverage foundation. 
One afternoon I once again found myself sitting there, contemplating what next steps I could take in my skincare journey. But then I hit me. I was simply doing too much. Expecting too much. Connecting the dots I remembered that I had clear skin in school because I didn’t care about following a strict 20 step routine. I had one face wash and one moisturizer which I used whenever I felt like it. I also didn’t wear any makeup which helped the situation. Really, it’s a never ending downward spiral. Now comes the lightbulb moment. The formerly mentioned two products were in fact from LUSH. An amazing organic handmade brand with mostly vegan products. 
Now after 2 years of struggling I found my my way home just like Dorothy did. Barely. I went back to a LUSH only skincare regimen. Threw everything out that contained tocopheryl, a synthetic antioxidant, and stopped consuming dairy. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s harder than it sounds. I’m constantly craving cake and ice cream and find myself wandering the isles of department stores looking and expensive skincare products I will never be able to use. For now at least. My skin is far off from being clear. It just started to heal and of course purge. But I do see a healing process. I wanted to share this story with you to show that you have to find your own point of view on skincare. Find out what works for you and see what you can change in your lifestyle too. My skincare routine is not pretty or Instagram worthy but it works and that’s what counts. So here is the rundown of my extremely simplified current routine. 

Take off makeup:


How it works:

Rub this oil based cream cleanser on the whole face and eye area and wipe everything off with a wet washcloth to get rid of makeup. It takes eye and lip makeup off too. Also great for irritated skin to detox and rebalance. 


Aqua Maria fresh cleaner

How it works: 
Take a dime size amount in your palm and add water to form a paste in your hands. Than massage on wet skin for a minute and rinse with cold water. 


Tea tree water 

How it works:

Spray 2 pumps in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then pat on the skin to evenly distribute. This sorts out the ph level of your skin after washing and calms any inflammation. 


Grease lightning 

How it works: dab a thin layer on spots or inflamed areas. Let dry before following up with a moisturizer. Can be used daily- morning or night. 



How it works: lush has a ton of different moisturizers for different skin types and conditions so make sure to pop into a store and ask for help choosing one. The Celestial primer is ideal for combination skin that’s slightly off balance but also acne prone. I like to think of it as a good first moisturizer if you’re unsure what to use. I also tried Imperialis which I found too light and Cosmetic Lad which I found too heavy. 


I was obsessed with masks prior to my skin restart. Now I stick to fresh masks from Lush, Mask of Magnanimity also from Lush or Glam Glow Supermud for an occasional detox. I also use pure sea salt to exfoliate any flakiness around my nose and chin. Don’t overdo it though, over-exfoliating with my Clarasonic is what killed my skin in the first place and made it more responsive to infection and irritation. 

Though I finally found my perfect routine I will of course add a few more products here and there over time. Now we better let my skin breath, heal and of course get it together because me and my skin are grown women who don’t take no for an answer. Cheers!


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