YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipsticks

 Do you ever catch yourself starring at some luxury makeup displays and think that spending so much money on makeup is just not worth it! With so many options of high end brands on the market it’s hard to know what to choose. Sometimes the drugstore option is better than the luxurious equivalent. But sometimes the need for a beautiful lipstick can only be stilled by a high end brand. So to step things up I’m reviewing the Yves Saint Lauren Rouge Volupté Shine Lipsticks to show how an unimaginable and seemingly boring designer product can actually be a pro product. This is not only for the luxury products obsessed but also for the makeup lovers and pro artists. These lipsticks will offer a smooth, shiney and natural color that is long lasting and will look like „your lips but better“. Be ready to discover how sheerness meets depth in a blend of truly beautiful textures, smells and colors. With this lipstick you can never go wrong- it’s an absolute staple for ever age, skin color and occasion !

The packaging

is a really chic, classic and luxury gold with a small and delicate YSL gold band around it showing the real lipstick color beneath. The top of the tube slides smoothly and clicks softly with the bottom part.


The color payoff

is incredible considering it’s a shine finish so obviously it’s not going to be thick and opaque. If you’re going for that look check out the YSL Rouge Pour Couture lipsticks. Despite its sheerness and shine-y creaminess it last for about 4 hours without a lipliner or primer and probably 5-6 with. Though it has to be reapplied after eating it has stayed put through drinking with a straw (what I always do when wearing lipstick). Even when it fades, it fades evenly leaving a stain. The lips still hold enough color to not look like your lipsticks rubbed off and this texture can easily be reapplied without it caking up. It also moisturizes the lips though I’d still use a lip balm underneath when you have dry lips.

The colors look darker in the tube than they are because the formula is more of light wash of color on the lips but for the purpose of swatching I did one layer (left) and a couple of layers (right) for you to see the color better.

The scent

in my opinion it smells like watermelon or something sweet. Either way it doesn’t have a distinct smell and defiantly not an unpleasant cosmetic sent and the scent doesn’t linger too long either.


The wear

as said above it’s really creamy so it’s comfortable to wear! It even moisturizes a little bit and the color doesn’t feel like it’s sliding off the lips. I also noticed it makes the lips look smooth and plump without being over the top. You can see below it doesn’t look fake like a full coverage lipstick or a liquid lipstick. Natural lines and the real lips are still visible. With a lipliner it makes it a little more clean and crip but without one it can also be dabbed on with the fingers to create a more blurred lip stain. But this lipstick is not the one to create an overdrawn big lips effect. It only enhances the lips and tints it in another color instead of making you look like Kylie.


Here are up close comparison swatches and some selfies from Instagram down below to give an idea how it looks with a full face of makeup. Unfortunately I didn’t find a selfie where I’m wearing shade #13 so this swatch will have to do for now.



Wearing shade #14


Wearing shade #19


Price: 31 USD Dollars

Available in 19 shades (in the United States- not all shades are available worldwide)

Shop here:

EUROPE // Douglas

USA // Sephora


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