In 2016 I became a certified Make-up Artist after attending and successfully graduating the Pro Academy in Berlin. The school works with MAC Cosmetics and Khiels products during the course which allowed me to gather a lot of experience using their products. During the attendance I had to bring in a different model on each day which lead me to creating looks on the most different faces possible. Everything from young to old were seated in my chair and even some men could find themselves getting a little makeover by me.

After 220 hours of theory and hands-on classes were concluded, a written as well as a practical final exam took place which measured the vast knowledge of textures and colors along side the creative state of mind of coming up with a look based on visual influences.

Apart from the test, the academy gifted the students a photo shoot at the end of the final test which forced to prove professionalism and spontanety. Given only the key element and theme every artist in the class had to create the identical look whilst still keeping the personal style. Here are the three final and retouched photos taken and edited by professional photographer Christine Lutz.

The model is Marie from izaio Management in Berlin!

In December 2016 I started working as a Freelance Artist at a local MAC Cosmetics counter to further my makeup knowledge and learn how to apply different products on a variety of different skin tones of all ages. So far it already has been an amazing experience. Though working at MAC is a part of my life I choose to keep it private and keep my life as a blogger separate. Nothing I post will or does reflect MAC as a brand or me as an employee. All opinions are my own !

More photoshoots and credentials will be added over the time. I’m currently working to further my portfolio by doing creative makeup looks on myself. Find me on Instagram to see what I’m up to: www.instagram.com/itsMishale

Professional website featuring my resume and more photoshoot photos: