Messy Beauty: making realistic statements 

Not wearing a glitter cut crease with fake lashes and overlined lips is this years equivalent to being the kid in middle school eating lunch in the teachers room.

I don’t mean to start a war. But there’s something seriously wrong with today’s society. Despite the obvious political drama there’s a part of this world who is utterly obsessed with makeup. In this day and age everyone knows how to do makeup, or so it seems, and not wearing layers and layers of beauty products somehow makes you an outsider. But why do we feel the need to look a certain way and try to fit the mold visually whilst millions of women march for equality rights ? The balance between doing it for others and doing it for yourself is off.
Because here’s the thing: it’s ok to not be obsessed with makeup but it’s also ok to be absolutely in love with makeup. It’s ok to not have a strict beauty routine you follow religiously. It’s ok to be messy. Because perfection is boring- messy is the real deal I tell you. Now before you start throwing things everywhere creating a literal mess in your room- my OCD heart can’t take that- hear me out.
Did you ever realize your hair looks better on those days you „just can’t even“ or have a great skin days when you just feel overwhelmed? Did you realize your eye makeup is on point when you probably just swiped on a bunch of colors with your fingers? It’s this effortless messy way of life that makes you care less about perfectly straight lines. As a Makeup Artist I can honestly say I have the most fun doing other people’s makeup when they don’t have a clear vision of what they want. Not because I want to force my ideas on them but because it allows for some room to discuss and test out what works best. Someone else’s opinion is never going to align with yours but you may ride the same creative wave so embrace your instinct.
Instead of focusing on the small things like a stick straight eyeliner or perfectly contoured cheeks think of the way you want to feel after you’ve done your makeup. What gives you confidence ? What makes you walk a little taller ? There’s a certain stigma about „natural beauty“ and how it has to be boring. It’s actually the opposite. Caking on several layers of foundation isn’t going to make you look flawless. Owning your skin and making it look the best with the least amount of products will make you look flawless. Because I’m the end it’s still you. Makeup is not a mask you take off at the end of a long shift but rather a way of expression of your current situation. Make hair look like hair and let some skin peek through. Embrace the temporary dark circles or grown out eyebrows. Walk the line between overdone and underwhelmed. You want to be proud of the art you created on your face. But if you’re not- you can try again tomorrow. As long as you do try again your skills will get better and eventually your style will evolve.

Nothing is wrong with loving a full face of makeup as long as you wear it for the right reasons with the right state of mind. But I’ve learnt it doesn’t matter how perfect your makeup is or how big your collection is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so overtime you will stop to keep up with the newest releases or trends. Because beauty is messy and boldness stems from making a realistic statement wether that’s with a smokey eye, red lip or dewy skin.

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