Make Millenial Pink Work For Fall


Normally I’m not one to follow color trends.

I’ve never changed up my hair color, all my furnitures are black+white and I always just buy the clothes I like- never those on display in the „Trending“ section of a store. 

But even I couldn’t miss the rise of the millennial pink trend. So many bloggers have made it their color theme, brands like Glossier have build a whole empire on this color and every mainstream retail store is decked out in millennial pink colored items. 

Now the question arises, what exactly is so special about this color ? It’s just pink after all, right ? Cue the eye roll of all the Art majors reading this. It’s not just pink, duh! It’s a perfect blend of baby pink, grapefruit, coral and magenta. It works with every other color and can be worn by men and women. It’s equally cute and sporty and even a little bit of rocker chic! As Fall is approaching many might think lighter pastel colors are taking a backseat and making room for darker colors but there’s a way to make both work. 

I paired a millennial pink oversized blazer from Zara that I actually got way back in spring when the trend initially arose with darker Fall appropriate items. The jeans are grey super skinny low rise from Abercrombie, the boots are the „Rosaldee“ from Aldo, the top is from Saint Tropez worn with the „Too hot to handle“ Hoctor crossbody bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs! It was really rainy, cold and windy on that day so my outfit perfectly fit the gloomy atmosphere. I spent the day exploring the old town of a city nearby and stopped by a few stores to simply browse and look at all new stuff that’s being released in the beauty and fashion retail world (I mean raise your hand if you’re as obsessed with Zara as I am!). It was such an comfortable outfit and even the boots, which are new so I was breaking them in, were comfortable. On that note: I am really obsessed with Aldo right now because they have high quality leather shoes in so many styles and colors and are actually durable. 

What do you think of this outfit ? How would you make millennial pink work for the colder months. Most importantly, have you heard of the new color „millennial yellow“ ? Let’s hope it’s not the next trend because I just got used to wearing pink, I don’t know how I feel about yellow!

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