How to: shiny smooth hair


Frizz seems to be an untamable monster. If you don’t have already curly/frizzy hair even the sleekest hair can turn frizzy during the summer or after blow drying it.

I found a way that works best for me to finally have smooth and shiney hair that actually feels softer than a baby butt and flows around your shoulders like a waterfall. Ok that was really dramatic but you know what I mean.

I’ve never really done anything with my hair to be honest. I got a trim every 2-3 months and once had the idea to get highlights when I was 13. Needless to say I looked like a chipmunk in middle school. Oh the good ole days. So after being au-natural for the past years I decided to get balayage, layers and cut off about 3 inch of my hair. Cutting off the dead weight of split ends was a fresh start for my hair, two tubs of bleach on 3/4 of my hair for an hour was the death of my hair.

If you’re interested in a hair care routine for color treated (specifially bleached) hair and want to know what products I use to maintain the original hair color I got when walking out of the salon, let me know and I’ll happily do that.

Now that my hair was officially chemically abused I’m experiencing a lot more frizz than before. So here is a run down of my favorite products (and also techniques) to always have smooth, soft and shiney (the three S) hair!
All products are mentioned in order of application:

1. Lush Hair masks: apply it to the ends of your dry hair before you wash your hair. I like to apply as much as possible and then put my hair in a bun. I sometimes leave it in the whole day when I do things around the house but 20 min as recommended is enough too haha.

2. REDKEN anti frizz conditioner: it has a whole „lock-it system“ that apparently looks in moisture. This one is more extreme so it’s best for when your hair is really dry. It’s a magica cure for split ends.

3. Lush American cream conditioner: this one is all natural and without chemicals or paraben so it’s really good and healthy for your hair. It also smells like vanilla and strawberries.

I mix both conditioners in my hand and apply them together instead of separately since I feel that way both conditioner sink in equally. The first one could already build up a moisture barrier so the second won’t sink in, if that makes sense.

4. Rinse everything with cold (if you can handle even iced cold) water. And with everything I mean your whole head. You’ll notice your hair instantly feels softer. Head makes hair bendable (hence curling iron being hot) so hot water will bend your small hairs in all directions which creates frizz. Cold water smooths everything over. If you want curls just heat style them afterwards

5. Redken diamond blow dry oil before blow drying: I apply 4 pumps to the ends of my hair and really work it in. When you blow dry it this will help smooth everything over especially if you use a round brush to do a blow out.

6. Lastly, finish off by applying some sort of smoothing serum once your hair is dry, for that very sleek look. This step is optional.  Focus on your ends but you can also go over your roots and bangs slightly with whatsoever is left in the palm of your hands after you evenly distributed it on the main part of your hair.

Hope that helped you guys out. Let me know if you start using any of these products or if you already do- what you think about them.

Here you can see how my hair looks- the color may vary on the filter/light since these are Instagram pictures. But my hair flows so smoothly it really feels fresh and comfortable and not heavy and frizzy at all. Flyaway happen because breakage happens haha. But it’s also super easy to style now. All I need it some sea salt spray or a curling wand to create some texture and a slight bend.

PS: use a sea salt spray that also contains oil otherwise the sea salt spray will dry out your hair, make it frizzy and you’re back to square one.


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