How to: long voluminous lashes (without falsies)


What is something all girls want but only mostly boys are blessed with ? Black, long and voluminous lashes. Life is unfair like that. So to achieve that falsies look… well sans falsies we girls have to work our way through the craziness that is mascara heaven.

Here I’m presenting you my top 3 mascaras that can be used on its own or for the best effect even be combined. I’m also going to share some techniques how you can have beautiful lashes without all the expensive products. Technique is 50% of the whole deal. I always only purchase black mascara because I love me some drama lashes so if you have blonde lashes and want a more subtle look you can always choose a brown colored mascara. Also, check out the swatches to see how the bristles work.

PS: in my option drugstore mascara sucks. It may be great at first but dries out after a few weeks leaving your lashes looking like spider legs. Also the longevity, color payoff and consistency is not the best. But that’s just my two cents. If you love the 1$ drugstore mascara than by all means go for that and ignore me.

Bobbi brown „smokey eye“

This mascara is gives the most voluminous lashes of all the three mentioned. It’s also the only one of these three that doesn’t have spiky plastic bristles. It’s defiantly more classic and average so a great product for everyone that wants to enhance the lashes naturally without much va-va-voom. I mentioned this product first because it’s the most subtile- just what Bobbi Brown is known for. Still an amazing mascara regardless.

NARS „audacious“ 

I actually bought this on a whim one day because everyone was hyping about it. I saw before and after shots on Instagram and a lot of other bloggers promoting it heavily. Such hyped up products always make me hesitate the actual product- it’s NARS‘ first mascara after all. But because I’m loyal to companies I love and NARS is one of them, I had to try this one. Long story short, it’s ah-mazing. After only one coat you have visibly longer and fuller lashes. This one emphasizes the length more than the volume but nevertheless it gives you luscious lashes. I would still coat my lashes before hand but this mascara surprisingly gives a lot of curl and hold to your lashes on its own. It has thin but long plastic bristles that defiantly takes some getting used to but once you’re not scared to stab yourself with the bristles, this mascara will perform beautifully.

Benefit „they’re real“ 

I actually just ran out of it and purchased a new one. Since I already have a bunch of them open I’m not going keep it sealed. Sorry I can’t show you the wand but it’s a plastic one with plastic bristles that gets every little lash. Kind of like the NARS one. This whoever gives the longest lashes of them all. Even though I have a hate-love relationship with benefit products this is by far my favorite. It’s actually one of the only products I’ve ever repurchased and will continue to do so! In my opinion all the claims are true which- let’s be honest- is hardly ever the truth. Make sure to curl your lashes before hand to get the best effect. Also, don’t hesitate to fully get in there; the bristles can only get every teeny tiny lash if you get the wand close enough. This mascara also doesn’t smudge and stays completely black the whole day. No dark grey lashes with this one here.

Tips + tricks:

• Always curl your lashes. Give them a few extra squeezes and make sure to catch even the little ones on the sides.

• Start by wiggling the wand through the base of the lashes. This is where you want most volume and color. The end of the lashes will eventually be tinted. You don’t need a heavy lash at the top, only at the root.

• Don’t over do it. Sometimes one or two swipes are enough to. Don’t spent 10 min wiggling your brush through. Mascara dries quickly and a coat that’s applied after your lashes are already dry will only ruin the natural look. Work quickly applying only 1-2 coats and leave it be.

• Comb out any clumps with a clean spoolie and seperate stuck lashes with tweezers or your nail for a more butterfly like effect.

• For a fuller effect the roots have to be the darkest and fullest. If you have light lashes and can’t fully tint them with only one or two coats use a fan to eyeline brush to coat the top of your lashes individually with mascara. Takes longer but makes everything look better when you look down or have your eyes closed. The top side of the lashes are often forgotten.

• Lastly, if you struggle with mascara you could always get your lashes professionally tinted or even lifted or permanently curled by a professional in a beauty salon. I get mine tinted every 3 months and it makes so much of a difference. I don’t have to apply mascara to my bottom lashes since they’re already black from being tinted which makes everything look more natural. I’ve never got them lifted so I don’t know anything about that but I’m sure there’s a lot information about it on the Internet.

I hope those were helpful tips. If you have any more tips and tricks or any other holy grail mascara products leave them in the comment section down below!


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