Frizzy Hair Remedy

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Wether you live in a rainy or humid country- chances are the weather has confused the state of your hair more than once. Who knew Mother Nature could make you go from Greek goddess to Lion King in 0.3 seconds! But don’t you worry, there is a solution for almost everything. Except world peace it seems. But that’s besides the point. Back to the more manageable beast in the room: frizzy hair ! 

By definition is coconut oil a natural saturated fat that is anti fungal and anti inflammatory as well as hydrating. Basically it’s a cure to all of 21st century’s problems it seems. You hear everyone and their momma rave about coconut oil and you hear jokes how you can put coconut oil on virtually everything. But what many don’t realize is the differences in quality and production value there are. Many oils are over processed and went through a million chemical procedures to make the final product as cheap and nice looking as possible. When you get past the white flaky gooey texture you realize that raw virgin organic coconut oil is better and hard pressed oil is even better. I was struggling at first to use my tiny jar of hard pressed oil because it was like trying to get water out of an ice cube. After warming the jar in my hands to help liquify it I was able to scrap some out with a spatula. In the end it’s really easy to spread it on wet skin. Despite being a great moisturizer, cleanse, makeup remover and lash primer it can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment on hair. 
Rub it into the strands of your hair and even on the roots. Let it sit for an hour and really melt into your whole head. It feels weird to purposely grease up your hair but it will give you a smooth and shiny mane. Make sure to double cleanse with a mild shampoo to get rid of the residue. As opposed to what some might think- no it won’t make your hair oilier. It will help your hair to maintain its natural moisture so that you actually won’t have to wash your hair as often. Your scalp will get an oil cleanse just like the skin on your face which dissolves dirt and product leftovers from hair products like dry shampoo. 

My favorite coconut oil is the one from Sister & Co available at Content Beauty. It’s an all natural, non toxic and organic 1 ingredient hard pressed coconut oil. But feel free to use any other cold pressed coconut oil you can find at a local health store or online! It retails for about 7$ (depending on your country’s currency) and ships worldwide. The jar can be reused once the product is empty and while the jar is small- it lasts for a few weeks or month depending on how much you use. Additionally is important to know that it doesn’t loose its nutritious value when melting so you can actually warm it up in your hands or over a pot of boiling water when you find it easier to use once liquid. But do store it cold and dry to not disturb the natural state of the oil. It’s clean enough to be used for cooking in theory but it is a beauty product so it’d better to buy a food grade coconut oil/fat for kitchen purposes at the grocery store. 
What are you using coconut oil for ? Any tips or hacks you want to share ? Comment below or comment under this Instagram photo to join the conversation!


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