Finding perfectionism in flaws 


The end of the year is closer than we think. Everything seems to become a distant memory of the past year. I do not remember what I did the last weeks because they just flew by too quickly without me noticing. But what I do know is that I struggled through the last year. Let’s be honest life has been a struggle for a while now. While I don’t want to get all mushy and whiny on you, I do want to talk about something besides makeup and fashion for a chance. Thanksgiving is next week and I guess I’m feeling particularly thankful these days (and I’m not even celebrating thanksgiving)!
I don’t know where to start and honestly there’s too much to talk about so I’m cutting straight to the point. It may haven’t seem like it but for me it’s extremely difficult to constantly motivate myself to keep going. I have plans- big plans- and I’m not one to pat my own shoulder but I do am that kind of person that thrives for perfectionism. But with that obsession of having and looking perfect all the time the exhaustion sets in mere minutes before the moment perfection is needed. I like to believe the world is a stage and we’re all the stories characters. But I don’t feel like either the protagonist or the antagonist. I feel like I’m both. Trying to succeed and yet at the same time bringing myself down.

What I’m trying to say is: it’s ok to be confused. It’s ok to be thriving for something greater. It’s ok to have different plans than everyone else. And it’s ok to be scared of failure. Nothing is ever perfect yet this makes the life absolutely flawless. Do you know what I mean ? There is a certain perfectionism in imperfections. It’s like this tickle of excitement you won’t know what happens yet knowing somehow you will make it out alive.

About a week ago the thing I’ve been working towards finally got one step closer to being completed. While I won’t be able to say anything just yet make sure to catch me talking about it more in December on Instagram. After years of uncertainty if I was going bonkers, suddenly everything fell into place. I didn’t have to do anything- it just happened. Yet at the same time i worked my butt off to even have the slightest chance. It’s a crazy world we live in right ? Social media makes everything look beautiful, cohesive and well put together but just know:

Life is not about white marble and Chanel. Though I wish that would be the case. 

Don’t be discouraged just because someone else looks prettier or more successful or happier. Chances are they are faking it just like you are. So instead of counting your flaws- count your blessings and embrace the good.

And with that I’m signing off and hope you have a marvelous week, month and year. Or in the words of 2016’s society: *slay*


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