Fashion Touchdown: Winning the Style Game 

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I don’t do sport. But I do sport inspired fashion. Somehow I found myself being uncreative when my comes to dressing myself. As opposed to popular belief, having an overwhelming amount of clothes in my walk in closet (yes you read that right) doesn’t make putting together any easier. Between wearing all black to work and rocking the same pair of sweats on my days off I found myself rarely excited about the chance of styling outfits. Normally I was the first to scream „here“ when the chance of a blog shoot or even a quick Instagram OOTD chance bloomed. So I investigated my current state of mind and found that those downfalls could be turned into upsides. After all we only learn best from our mistakes.

1. Following trends:

Don’t get me wrong- it’s hard *not* to follow trends these days. When Kim K wears velvet over knee boots, everyone else will follow within a day. Bella Hadid wears flared denim, bet your money everyone and their mama will grab that old 90s pair from the back of their closet asap. And whatever fashion blogger decides see through tops or satin bombers are in, will have the attention of every affordable fashion retail brand with the click of a button. So how do people expect to not follow trends. Well there is only one answer: don’t see trends as trends. If you feel like you’re missing out you will want to buy and wear the same pieces everyone else is. But if you remind yourself that any trend descends from just the personal style of one individium- you don’t catch yourself trying to fit the mold. It’s a touchy subject and about a million people will tell you why it’s ok to follow trends- I will simply say: they are only trends as long as we make them to one !

2. Sticking to only staples 

By now you must either think I lost it or I’m a genius because my advice always goes against everything else you’ve ever read. Yes you do need staples ! Of course you should always have your go to pieces! No you can’t only wear neon tanks and tribal prints. But if you stick to jeans and a white tee you will eventually loose all creativity. Having some pieces that don’t necessarily fit together or are harder to combine will make the challenge greater. Once you get past the stress of finding colors that match you will find yourself picking the most daring pieces to create an effortless outfit that will leave everyone else in awe. Just as long as you got with the characteristic look you had in mind and own it- everyone will love your outfit just as much as you do!

3. Dressing for yourself 

I don’t dress to impress. I dress to depress because I look so good. Every now and then we need a little boost of confident. If you strictly dress for yourself only you will never dare to wear anything remotely attention grabbing. Playing it safe is the same equivalent to sitting in the back of the class. Everyone always though the kids in the back are the coolest right? Well no! Because those that dare to sit in the front, eyes locked with the teacher without potentially knowing the answer- those are thriving of playing a mental Russian roulette.  So why don’t dress a little more risqué (I didn’t say inappropriate- there’s a difference) and poker! There’s a certain rush of adrenaline when you know you look good and everyone will see you slay that outfit. And if no one is around: just stop and admire your reflection in the store window !

What do you think about this football inspired sporty yet chic look ? It’s totally outside my box but hey I felt like dipping my toes into a different water for a change ! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to always see what I’m up to and catch outfit posts early ! You can find me at @itsmishale !

What I’m wearing:

College letter jacket- H&M

Yellow Trapez Halter top- Forever 21

Black denim- Hollister

Shoes- Converse 


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