Must Have: Fall Eyeshadows

The leaves are changing color and so are my eyeshadows.

While you certainly can rock every color at any time, I love to mix it up and play with different looks during different seasons. Normally I’m easily bored of browns eyeshadow on itself but with these different brown and reddish tones, a unique look is guaranteed. Either using a combination of the following shadows or simply one shadow swiped all over the lid and into the crease and lower lashline can create a beautiful eye look. Add a lipstick of your choice and you will be fall ready for sure.



The Palettes:

Finding an eyeshadow palette that has all the essential colors and a good mixture between matte and shimmery is difficult. That’s why I love these Urban Decay palettes. The smokey and naked 3 are a little bit different than the other two naked palettes since they offer more color variations and more matte shades that go hand in hand with the shimmery shades. The „naked smokey“ offers grey and brown tones while the „naked 3“ offers rose gold shades. And if you feel like you need more matte warm brown colors, there is always the UD Naked Basic 2 with six more matte shadows to complete the look.







The singles:

I just recently got into NARS eyeshadows but am loving the two singles and the one duo eyeshadows I have picked up so. Even these 4 colors together would create a beautiful and fall appropriate eyeshadow look in itself. I love how easily blendable and wearable the red shadow is without making you look like you got pink eye. The brown and mustard colors are beautiful for a more settle look and the frosty champagne white is a great inner corner highlight.







The cream shadows:

Colourpop makes by far the best cream shadows because they are not really cream to begin with. They are a thick mouse formula that dries to a powder finish so they are smooth and blendable and not cakey at all. But to be able to use them to their full potential a synthetic eyeshadow brush like the #242 from MAC should be used. To make the glittery shadows look like liquid metal just spray them with MAC fix+ and the glitter particles intensify times ten. Perfect for a night out. Even though these are dark shimmery shades they are so easy to use. Just blend them from lashline up into the crease and a little bit above, blend out with a warm brown or orange shadow and the look is complete. Don’t forget to add some color to your lower lashline so the eye is not top heavy.




The pigments:

MAC is probably best known for its loose pigments and I thought no eyeshadow blogpost would be complete without mentioning my two favorite MAC pigments. These gold and rose shadows are beautiful on it self or even mixed together to create an ombré eye. Same goes with these two: use a synthetic brush and use fix+ to intensify the glitter. A little does a long way so just use the tiniest amount and apply be gently tapping the pigment on the lid.

Pro tip: if you feel like experimenting you can use the pigments as a highlighter, blush or even lipgloss. Add mixing medium or a clear gloss to make into a lip product or just swipe the loose pigment onto the cheek with a big fluffy blush for a gold glistening highlight.




Which eyeshadow color or brand is your favorite ? Comment down below and let’s talk all things fall makeup !


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