Dressing powerful in your 20s

„It’s cold in the morning but by the time it’s noon you’re trying to peel off the 5 layers of clothes you regretfully put on“

Nothing is worse than choosing the wrong outfit. Especially when your emotional state depends on the temperature outside. If you’re anything like me you will constantly complain about the weather, or talk about it non stop. Like I do now. This has me thinking of the weather reports Lydia always does. Speaking of the mentioned blogger boss babe (BBB- should be a thing), I learned that you can never be in the wrong when wearing a blazer. I actually developed quite the obsession with blazers but have yet not have achieved the level of the Balmain. Sad for me. Good for my bank account. 
Regardless of the price tag, I think, everyone should own at least one classic blazer. Preferably in black. Because if paired correctly it can be worn all year around. 
I turned 20 over a week ago so it’s appropriate to give out life advice for the first time. After all I’m officially part of the 20 something club you constantly see memes about all over the ‚gram. But don’t be fooled by the laughable jokes and metaphors. We’re quite literally the next generation ready to take over. 
All my life I kept buying clothes for as cheap as possible because I thought I’d outgrow it anyway. As soon as I started to develop a love for fashion I obviously couldn’t keep up with the latest trends. Blame it on my budget and lack of sky high model legs. Nothing would fit as good as it looked on the models. Nowadays you’re go to source is Instagram where there’s a new trend lurking behind every hashtag. Once again I couldn’t justify expensive clothes because trends come and go. Luckily I realized it’s not about the trends or the likes on one photo. It’s about feeling amazing and comfortable in your own skin. Yes sometime I look like a homeless troll- but that’s ok. While I’m no where near being able to afford designer clothes on the regular I found ways to look put together and fancy even on a budget. It’s important to invest in key pieces. If you read my article about Messy Beauty or How To Shop For Designer Makeup you know when it comes to cosmetic products I’m so picky that I don’t care what brand or price tag one product has. If the color pay off is great- I’ll buy it. If it makes my skin look flawless- I’ll buy it. But what I stopped going after are the latest it products. If it looks horrible I won’t buy it- even if *everyone* and their mama is using it. I stopped going to the salon, started doing my own facials and nails and started reading magazines again. Call me old school but there’s something extremely satisfying about doing back to your roots. Not giving a damn about a 20 step skincare routine or looking like a Kim K clone or having perfectly touched up roots. As long as your body and soul is healthy, forget what other says or preach. 
Same comes to clothes. I won’t ever, for the love of my life, but expensive tops. I get stains on them way to easily from food, makeup to deodorant to think about anything costing more than 30 bucks. I also feel like tops are the first thing to change during seasons (trend episodes). First it was the tube top, then the off the shoulder top and now ruffles are „IN“ again. Yawn, I can’t keep up. A good pair of denim and a good blazer, leather jacket or coat on the other hand will always be on trends. And can be combined with any and every top. Of course colors and cuts change too but if you choose a more expensive piece that will hold its value, you can get away with anything. Who else hates when clothes look beat up after one wear even though they cost an arm and a leg. My favorite affordable store by far is Zara for tops, Hollister for denim (seriously I’ve had the exact pair for 6 years now and no sign of wear in sight) and Revolve for more expensive jackets or statement pieces. The only thing I will by far splurge on are leather goods such as bags, wallets or of course jewelry. Honestly, I’m still on the fence about shoes. I have cheap shoes from Steve Madden that are great but I also have more expensive ones from Isabel Marant. But to be perfectly honest. Worn in converse or uggs will always have my heart. I’m just not a shoe person I guess. Sorry. 

What is your go to item to splurge on and what is your favorite high street brand ? Comment below! 


Blazer: Mango

Top: Promod

Jeans: Hollister

Sandals: Isabel Marant

Handbag: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Lipstick: Louboutin Beauty

Bracelet: Monica Vinander


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