Cool girl approved hair in 3 steps !


I’m not going to wash, blow dry and style my hair every morning to just do it all over again the next day!

Last year I thought it was possible to start a full on Hollywood Hair care routine after literally not doing anything to my hair prior to that. That phase lasted all of 4 months until I realized the amount of money and most importantly time it took. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for getting dolled up but my hair is the last thing I will spend 2 of my precious 24 hours on. I’m not one to wash, blow dry and heat style it once a day to only do it again as soon as I wake up. Now I adapted to a so called „Cool Girl Hair“ Routine that for once is actually effortless. Of course everyone’s expectations and hair types are different but I learnt the hard way to not expect to much from my frizzy lioness hair. I’m all about embracing the messiness (you’ll know if you read my post about messy beauty)! 

1st Step:

Work the mask onto dry hair, right now I use the Lush „H’suan wen hua“ mask, until every last strand is coated. Lush hair masks are only designed to last for about 5-6 uses anyway so don’t worry about using too much. I tie my hair into a bun and let it sink in for about 20 min while I do other things like clean my room or do a face mask. Rinse it out whilst you shampoo your scalp. 

2nd Step:

Wash your hair with the Lush solid hair shampoo in Seanik! What I love about this product is that it’s free of all chemicals and is super efficient and easy to handle. I use way too much of liquid shampoo and then it never really lathers up in my thick oily hair. With this solid shampoo bar I use it like a soap: rub between hands under warm running water and then massage onto the scalp. I can double shampoo without using too much product that eventually will build up in my roots. I then rise everything with cold water. Pro tip: I store these in an empty black lush container, face masks and moisturizers come in. Just make sure to keep the lid off to keep the bar from getting moldy. Plus, these solid bars are perfect for traveling since they don’t count as a liquid 😉 

3rd Step:

I first let my wet hair air dry in a towel (you know the towel turban we girls do) to get as much water out of my hair as possible without blow drying it. Then I spray the Bumble + Bumble surf spray onto the damp hair and crunch it together with my fingers for that beach hair look. Depending what I’m doing that day I either keep my hair down or put it in a bun, though I wash my hair most of the time at night and let it air dry whilst I sleep. If you want to skip the sea salt spray I love to put my hair in either one big or a ton of small braids and let it air dry that way for a wavy messy look. 

Et c’est ça! You will wake up with cool girl hair that instantly looks chic and doesn’t have to be styled in any way. Of course there are so many other products and techniques that achieve a similar look or may work better for you- so comment down below any recommendations you have for me and other readers! 


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