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We all love going shopping, the feeling of walking into a store, picking out something you saved up for. The feeling of intercede material, the smell of new leather, the sound of R&B music blasting through the halls. All sounds incredibly exciting and fun. But what I fear the most is waking up on a saturday morning and having to pick an outfit. Not only is this the outfit I will rock for the whole day, and let’s not even get started on picking a outfit that’s weather appropriate, it’s also the outfit I will have to take off and put back on about a hundred times that day. Sizing these days is so difficult that there’s no way I cdsc06294-1ould just grab and go.

Plus, what would a shopping day be without snapchatting changing room dance parties.

The recurring procedure of fully removing every single piece of clothes you are wearing in a tiny space, which fourth wall is a curtain, stopped me a long time ago to dress fancy. Layers and too much jewelry are also on the no-go list. Earrings will fly if you try to get a turtleneck over your head and  necklaces will get tangled in that blouse I already know I will hate but try on regardless.

Nevertheless, looking glam enough for the sales associate to take you seriously is key to knowing how the clothes will actually fit and look once you style it. So here are the five essentials rules to follow when dressing for a day shopping.


Comfy jeans:

Now this may seem obvious, wearing ill fitting jeans in general is a nightmare but I didn’t realize just how many jeans are either too tight, too loose, too long or are a style I rarely wear. My ultimate be all end all jeans are the skinny fit jeans from Hollister. They make them in several colors, with or without rips and come in so many sizes and length so you ought to find a pair that will fit. While I love distressed denim it needs to be styled correctly to not look like literally torn jeans so I opted for the classics: dark blue denim. I also rolled them up to show off my shoes, which I will get to in a second, but since they’re not actually cropped you can roll them back down to see how long jeans would look with whatever you’re trying on.


Low-heeled statement shoes:

Don’t get me wrong, I love converse and own an insane amount of sneakers but with an already chill outfit I think statement shoes are necessary to dressing the whole look up. These Forever 21 gladiator boots have just the right amount of a heel to look stylish but yet they are so comfortable. The cut outs in the shoe give off a very edgy vibe. Plus, having a cut out at the back of the foot will save you from painful blisters which makes these so much more wearable. Score!


Baggy graphic tee:

I have a hate-love relationship with baggy t-shirts because they tend to make me look more homeless than cute, also, most shirts have an either too high or low cut neckline for my taste. So you could imagine my happiness when I found this grey Victoria’s Secret tee. It’s slightly baggy but still shows off your proportions, the neckline is perfect and the whole tee is not too long, which is a relieve for me. Most VS tees swallow all of my 5″5 easily and should really be sold as a t-shirt dresses ! I know some people don’t like when tees have brand names written on them in bold letters, so this exact shirt might not be for you then but I love the effortless and not braggy style the graphics on this tee have. The good thing, if you’re going shopping in an indoor mall you can even wear the tee without a jacket in winter since they most likely will have heating indoors and I always get hot from the changing room lights anyway.


The Hair:

Once you have the three essential pieces of clothing on, an even more stressful question forms: What to do with the hair ?! As a long haired-gal I don’t treat this question lightly, forgetting a hair tie could be the emotional death of me. You better believe I stocked up on hair ties and shoved several in every purse and pocket. But funnily enough, I often decide to let my wild mane fly free on shopping trips. Having to adjust a bun or ponytail every time a shirt is pulled over my head is worse then running my hand through my hair to keep it out of my face. Sure, it will get tangled in price tags  but it’s a small sacrifice pay since the only other option is going bold. But just in case, always carry a ponytail !




The never-full handbag:

I love handbags, I really do! Most I own are small cross body bags which sounds like the perfect shopping bag at first. But in my experience I have discovered that it’s easier to just carry a big purse with a strap. It will fit everything from your camera, phone, makeup essentials to your shopping purchases. Every time you buy something small like beauty products, jewelry, nail polish or even some clothes will fit into your handbag. Everytime it fits into the handbag is a plastic bag saved carrying. Plus, it’s so much more environmentally friendly.

You can either pick a colorful statement handbag to go with such a settle outfit or keep everything in the same color family like I did.


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