Built to last


Denim jeans are the most coveted piece of clothing. In my grandparents eyes it seemingly destroyed all sense of style. Man, if I got a dime for every time they made a joke about the holes in my ripped jeans. Let’s just say I could afford to buy a ton of intact jeans for the sake of it. Despite the physical state of my denim the most important part of finding the perfect pair is the durability. You can argue about color, cut and style because it’s all about taste. Nothing is worse seeing your jeans shred into pieces after a day of wear and tear. 

I like to pretend I’m a denim connoisseur but really I’ve tried on this one pair of Hollister denim in 2012 and never went back ever since. I did try to venture out of my usual realm and try different brands here and there though never measured up to my high expectations. I do in fact still own and wear said pair from 2012 and it still looks like new. One downside is that I apparently always have to go and find my size new whenever I enter a Hollister store because it seems there is no consistency whatsoever in their sizing system. It’s a darn Easter hunt every single time. 

Despite their denim quality being impeccable, a sale is always looming around every corner so you probably never have to shell out more then 40 bucks for a pair anyway. Hollister (or Abercrombie which is basically the same) may be a 2005 cliche but hey if the shoe.. err jeans fit. 


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