Beauty routines to try in 2017


Wow! I can’t believe another year has come to an end. I could totally write some deep and monumental article how life keeps changing and with time we change ourselves to keep up with the evolving standards of society. But I won’t. Instead I will talk about the important things in life: all things beauty and makeup ! Yes that is sarcasm you feel radiating from the last sentence. Last year I saw a video from Blogger extraordinaire Lydia Millen where she talked about beauty routines and products to try in 2016. I thought it’d take some inspiration from that and switch it up a bit. So here are some things I learned this year that save a lot of time and money and are generally effortless. I hope this will help you take off some pressure in 2017 and will make following a regular beauty routine easier.

1. Let hair air dry in a bun or braid:

Blake Lively and I are hair twins ( or so I like to think) because just like her I had the genius idea to cut down the heat styling on my hair. After washing it, i spray on some sea salt spray or conditioning spray and put it in a few tight braids or a tight bun to have naturally wavy and voluminous hair. And instead of doing my hair in the morning I just wash it at night, and sleep with my wet hair in braids or something. Et voila! Beautiful Blake lively approved hair. I then only blow dry my front parts if I have some important event where I want some extra styling.

2. Put on moisturizer on cuticles, elbows, shoulders and feet before bed to wake up with fresh and glowing skin:

I’m generally a firm believer in an extensive night time routine. It may be difficult to follow all these steps after a long day at work or out shopping but it makes waking up so much more pleasant plus it helps the products to fully absorb and work its magic overnight. Do not forget the rest of your body! These may be some odd places to moisturize but I swear it makes your skin so much more glowing and fresh. I put some organic raw Argan or coconut oil on my shoulders, collar bones, elbows, wrists and cuticles. You will wake up with instantly softer and more radiant skin. It also helps with any body makeup or self tanner to go on smoother.

3. Do eyebrows as the very last step:

A lot of people prefer to do their brows first to get a sharper and more defined outer liner or in the fear the foundation under the brow product will help melt off the brow color. I though think it’s best to put on all your brow products at the very last step. This way you won’t have any gaps between the foundation and brow which makes it more natural. Also you can make them a little bit more bold and bushy by simply doing little strokes to mimic brow hairs. Don’t be scared to be a bit messy. And lastly if the rest of your makeup is on you will see you don’t need as dark and extreme brows as you thought at the beginning. This will stop you from over doing your brows.

4. Add lemon to your water:

A more health related tip that seams obvious but I myself even sometimes forget. Do you ever feel tired or dehydrated even though you drink enough water. Or feel like you have a bad taste in your mouth though you chew peppermint gum ? This probably means that your body is not alkaline enough and needs some more acid properties which can be found in any lime or citrus fruit. Not to go too much into detail but your PH level can determine so much about your skincare and over all look. Sometimes it’s not the products or the old question „dry or oily“ but more so the current state of your metabolism. Some vitamin a & c and lemon water can change a lot.

5. Clean your brushes more often:

I know I know. You have too many and are too tired. But seriously. You won’t believe how many dirt and bacteria you have in your brushes. Not even just the bristles but even on the wood handle itself. So deep clean them at least every two weeks with a special disinfecting soap like the beauty blender soap and then clean the handles and wherever you keep them with rubbing alcohol. I also like to sporadically clean them with the MAC brush cleanser which is especially good to color switch whilst doing your makeup. It leaves the brush dry enough to immediately use it again. Also, generally I always try to clean my makeup, wipe over anything that’s gotten dusty and wipe over products that I haven’t used in a long time to prevent some weird dry layer to form.

6. Always keep back ups of your favorite products:

Lastly, this will be a life saver. I have at least 2-3 products as a back up of any favorite product. Like I have about 6 ABH Brow whiz right now. You never know if you’re going to loose, break or run out of any product. A good time is to stock up during Black Friday sales, the annual Sephora sale or any other big sales department stores have going on. I then keep everything organized in a separate drawer in the original packaging sealed until I am ready to use it. This keeps me from accidentally using opening up a new product I don’t want to use yet.
And with that I wish you a happy new year!

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See you in 2017!


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