Art of the Trench


„Decades ago it was solely for men, then for those who were fancy and now it’s an everyday staple in everyone’s wardrobe“

There’s no outdoor jacket that’s equally chic and versatile as the trench coat. Gone are the days only British soldiers wore Burberry trench coats or when Wall Street men in Armani suits were the one and only epitome of trench coat goals. But with the every evolving style, cut and color it can be overwhelming to find the perfect trench. So here is a run down of the 3 coats I think will flatter every body shape and with a little help of the right bag or accessory can fit everyone’s style. 

City Chic

This dark green trench is made from textured fabric which makes it flow-y and perfectly oversized. It’s the go-to piece for those turning the side walk in a runway à la Olivia Culpo. Paired with some distressed denim and a very risqué low cut black blouse it makes it very New York Street Style. Add a pair of heels and this look will take you from day to night. 


We all know and love the classic. Considering the extremely affordable price I must say the quality of this particular one is amazing. I’ve worn this two autumn seasons now and there’s no mark or tear in sight ! It comes with a belt which I don’t use though. Wearing the trench open with the belt hanging loosely around the back gives it more of an effortless vibe. I especially love how the silver crop top works with this whole look. The reflection of the silver fabric makes it very summery and fresh so that you can get away with wearing a coat in summer. If you’re new to the trench scene (is that a thing?) and are on a budget I highly recommend this double breasted classic trench from ASOS! A great place to start for every fashion newbie and a must have item for every fashionista. 


Since it’s always relatively gloomy outside here in Germany, even in summer, I wore this trench with denim jeans and a loose fitted striped blouse to make it casual enough for daytime but profesh enough to channel my inner Parisian. Though I personally think the extreme oversized style and the length and cut gives more of a mafia vibe. What do you think ? Haha well I guess this is how they used to wear coats. Now this clearly is a personal item, it being vintage, makes it impossible to shop. I’ve loved Burberry every since I saw the scarfs and coat my grandma owns from the British brand. So much I started to envision buying Burberry myself as I got older. When I realized exactly how much money these luxury items cost, my 13 years old self was speechless. Even though I now have a brand new scarf myself, I still can’t stop lusting after my grandparents luxury possession. That’s why I freaked when I received her vintage trench (and scarf which I’ve Instagramed about before) ! Regardless of my biased emotional thoughts, I still wanted to include this outfit for the following reason: In today’s day and age it’s all about how „new season“ your clothes are. No Instagram it girl would be caught dead in anything that’s older than a day. So I took it upon myself to actually wear items that are indeed older than me. My very fashionable grandma handed me down her Burberry trench coat from I believe the 70s which was actually purchased at a local boutique. You know those old school ones where they’d actually tailor your clothes as well. Now I have to travel 3 hours by train to even find a Burberry store. Amazingly this coat is in impeccable shape regardless of its age. Even though the Burberry trench coats back then barely were a fraction of today’s price the material is just as amazing as it is today. With the right care you can hand down your clothes to your own grandchildren one day. Just another proof of how high end is actually worth the price, in the long run, compared to „in the moment“ fashion from H&M or the liked. But that is a different topic !

What is your favorite look and what is your style ? Comment down below or tweet me @its_mishale !

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