Welcome to itsMishale, the lifestyle blog created by Makeup Artist Mishale Schulenberg! Here you will find everything from Makeup tutorials, outfit ideas, product reviews, skincare routines, travel tips and whatever else comes to my mind. 

Where I started:

I was probably one of the only people in my class to always wear a full face of makeup. The other girls simply had other priorities so I never got to share my passion and love for makeup with others. For years I kept all my ideas to myself until I became a makeup artist. After graduating Makeup school in Berlin I decided to make this my career. To not just limit myself to simply applying makeup, I decided to start a professional Instagram where I would talk about techniques, trends and products to help others understand the beauty industry. Shortly after followed my blog and YouTube channel to express myself on more platforms and use different mediums of sharing. 

Why I started this blog and what to expect:

Like a said before it all started with makeup, but then I decided to add fashion, lifestyle, travel and health into the mix. 
Beauty content always came easy to me.  But I was also overwhelmed by the amount of makeup tutorials on YouTube always showcasing makeup applications on the extremer side. To each their own but I prefer makeup looks that don’t give you „cake face“ ! Even though I struggle with uneven skin and redness I still use a light hand with my skin makeup products. I want to show you how to create bold makeup that still looks fresh, fierce, flawless but also fun (my four Fs) without using a gazillion full coverage products. You won’t see any baking on this blog. Neither in the kitchen or on the under eyes. 

On this blog and also on Instagram I want to share the looks I create using a variety of high and low brands. I love to buy a bunch of different shirts from stores like Forever 21 and Zara and then accessorize with more high end bags and pull everything together with an expensive lipstick or bold eyeliner. 

The trends you see on the runway or in vogue magazine are mostly unreachable for mere humans like me and you so I really like to recreate the vibe of this seasons style without actually copying the looks. I’m not trying to find cheaper dupes or replicate runway fashion but more take inspiration from the current trends to bring my average looking clothes up to do and find new ways to layer and combine pieces. 

I have still so much to learn and hope you follow along my journey as I take one step at a time.